PayStay App Now Available For All CBD Parking

Could Help You Escape The Ranger

PayStay App Now Available For All CBD Parking

Paying for parking in the Bunbury CBD can now be a little easier with the full introduction of the mobile app PayStay.

The app had been in limited use over the year, but now all paid CBD areas have been activated.

A lot of complaints surrounding paid parking in the CBD had been the going back and forth with payments, especially for short stays.

The addition of the mobile app eliminates the need for a motorist to get a ticket from a machine as well as being able to pre-determine how long they will park for.


PayStay works by downloading the app onto your smartphone and registering an account.

After finding a parking spot, motorists simply enter the parking zone number, which is displayed on parking signs throughout the CBD, and then select the start time.

The parking session can be stopped by the user when they return to the vehicle.

When using PayStay in an all-day car park, parking is charged at an hourly rate until the daily fee is reached.

Users can also set up SMS reminders before their parking expires.