Pete Murray In The South West

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Pete Murray In The South West

The crowd yelled, “come on Pete Muzza”!

Crammed into the Dunsborough Tavern, these were the die hard fans that had driven far and wide from Perth, Bunbury, and even Williams to see Pete Murray on a Sunday night.

Murray is currently touring across the country with his latest album “Camacho”. I got to say I was kind of surprised the gig was sold out, given it had been 14 years since he released “Feeler” and it was a Sunday night.

However, time had no effect on this musician who brought a show to the south west that can only be described as, bloody brilliant.

Alongside the classics like, “Bail me out”, “So Beautiful” and “Better Days” there was also a whole bunch of his new jam from his latest album.

With the new tunes came the back stories to the latest music. Which according to Murray, “Give me your Love” is all about a one night stand that turns into a beautiful relationship and “Home” is a song Pete dedicated to the late great producer and sound engineer, Tony Cohen.

Not only was Pete’s vocals on point at the concert, but he also played last night’s gig with a crew of legends. Talented musicians Brett Wood, along with two West Australian brothers, Andy and Simon Fisenden performed guitar and drum solo’s that literally blew me away.

Hands down, last night was a great gig.

No ego at this show, just a ripper performance at the local pub.