Point To Point Cameras Set To Be Switched On

Active in early September

Point To Point Cameras Set To Be Switched On

The point-to-point cameras along Forrest Highway are just about to go live.

From September 6, motorists can be fined and cop demerit points along Forrest Hwy if caught speeding through these cameras.

Installed in October last year, around 30 per cent of the half a million drivers that have gone through the cameras were over the speed limit, with around 10 per cent of those speeding by more than 10km/h.

The cameras are placed along a 27km area of the highway between near the intersection of Old Coast Road in Lake Clifton and near the Gull Myalup Roadhouse.

Anyone entering or exiting these zones speeding, or those averaging over the speed limit across the stretch of road.

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts says it wants to keep motorists as safe as possible.

“The McGowan Government is committed to reducing road trauma on WA roads. Speed is a significant factor in fatal and serious injury crashes,” Mrs Roberts said.

“The average speed safety camera zone on Forrest Highway is an effective way to slow drivers down and ultimately save Western Australian lives.”