SES Call For Residents To Be Prepared

Batten down the hatches

SES Call For Residents To Be Prepared

Winter weather is yet to set in but already the Bunbury State Emergency Service has attended seven callouts to properties during recent rain events that could have been prevented.

The need to help homeowners because of leaking roofs and blocked gutters has prompted a call from the SES for residents to make the most of unseasonal fine weather and storm-proof their homes before the inevitable wet and windy conditions are here to stay.

Bunbury SES Manager Chris Widmer said property owners and residents could carry out simple preventative maintenance that would reduce the likelihood of damage in a storm event.

“Carrying out small tasks now can have a big impact when the weather turns bad,” Mr Widmer said.

 “Bunbury has a population of more than 33,000 but only 54 SES volunteers, so in times of emergencies it is the most in need who will be the priority.”

Key areas that require attention around the home include:

  • Roof – Regularly check your roof for broken or missing tiles, or in the case of Colorbond-style roofing, check that your roof is properly secured. Repair any damage.
  • Gutters and downpipes – Clean out gutters and downpipes at least twice a year. This prevents water overflowing into verandas, eaves and ceilings. A ceiling will not hold the 30 tonnes of water that blocked gutters can push inside your home.
  • Boats, caravans, trampolines, outdoor settings – Due to their lightweight construction, these items are particularly susceptible to becoming airborne in winds during storms. When storms are forecast, or when the items are not in use, store them away or secure them by tying them down.
  • Trees – Trim branches overhanging or near your home and hire a contractor to clear trees from powerlines.