Shock Resignation As Slammers Men Lose Coach

Charles Nix Pulls The Pin

Shock Resignation As Slammers Men Lose Coach

Charles Nix has stepped down as coach of the Men's PrintSync South West Slammers.

Nix spent the 2017 travelling from Perth to every training session and every gamenight across the WA region.

Despite a slow start to the season, the Slammers got to a 15-11 record, finished 5th and almost toppled the eventual champions, Perth Redbacks, in their best-of-three Quarter Finals series.

At the recent SBL awards, Nix took out the award of Coach of the Year.

The decision to walk away was not an easy one, but with a young family Nix has made the decision to step away from the program.


As someone who spends a bit of time with the Slammers, Charles Nix brought an amazing confidence to the side in season 2017.

While a hard task master, he was a great nuturer of the young talent coming through the club.

He expected a high standard and got a high standard, whether it be on game night, or in a training session.

His ability to get the most out of the group in 2017 is to do with his straight demeanour - no nonsense, no BS and no tip-toeing.

This if anything meant that the players knew exaclty where they stood, but believed in what was being built as well.

A short 12 month stint as coach will be remembered for a few entertaining blow ups, pulling the jersey on to play D-League to show the way to the new talent, but also man who be up for a joke and a laugh.

No doubt that Nixy would have taken this team, should they all stick around, to a title.

Hopefully the players realise they're on a good thing, stick together in 2018 and get the job done, and do it for Nixy.

- Dan Leach