Vittoria Heights Trees Poisoned 

Unlikely to survive

Vittoria Heights Trees Poisoned 

A group of mature trees that form part of the Vittoria Heights entry statement are unlikely to survive after being poisoned by unknown vandals.

Numerous bore holes have been drilled into the five trees on Alyxia Drive and it appears a poison, such as glyphosate, has then been applied to kill them off.

While the London plane trees will be given every chance to recover, it is unlikely they will survive. The City of Bunbury will replace the 20-year-old trees when the time arises.

Manager Landscape and Open Space Kristy Tillett said it was not known why these particular trees had been targeted.

“A member of the public alerted us to the condition of these trees and when City staff inspected them, it become apparent they had been poisoned,” Ms Tillett said.

“These trees should be healthy with full canopies but they are looking very stressed and sick. There is a slim chance they may recover but it is most likely they will need to be removed and replaced with new trees.”

Trees have significant benefits for the City, such as providing shade, creating a habitat for local fauna, adding to the streetscape and enhancing the environment.

Ms Tillett said it was unfortunate that this was not the only case of tree poisoning the City has addressed over the past two years.

“There have been several instances where trees have been poisoned in various locations around the City,” she said.

“We encourage anyone who has information about the poisoning of trees to come forward.”