Local News 11th April 2017

Partly cloudy and 22 today

Local News 11th April 2017

Local Drug Action Teams have been rolled out across the country but Sunraysia has missed out on the funding.

The Sunraysia Daily reports the LDAT program is supported by the Alcohol and Drug federation and the Federal Government aimed at taking community action to tackle drug problems

There were only 40 successful LDAT applications this round but it's expected another 180 groups will receive funding over the next 3 years.

2 groups in Mildura were unsuccessful in their applications the next opportunity to apply will be in June.


As we approach one of the biggest weekends of the year in Mildura, Murray Regional Tourism has announced we've seen a strong increase in our tourism sector.

International overnight visitors to Mildura and Wentworth have increased by 15% over the past year and they've added an estimated 28 million dollars to the region.

Holiday makers seem to be the most frequent in the region with 42% of travellers ticking that box follow by 25% staying overnight for business.

Overall the entire Murray region saw 63 thousand 600 international visitors in the past year.


The latest health data brings bad news for Mildura with twice as many cases of influenza in Victoria than this time last year.

From mid-April flu shots will be available from general practitioners with close to 90 thousand people knocked down by the flu in 2016.

Professor Robert Booy from the Immunisation Coalition says protecting ourselves mean we're protecting vulnerable people in our community as well.


Mildura's Parkinson’s support group were out in force in the Lang tree Mall yesterday in support of today’s world Parkinson’s day.

The group were providing information to the public and those suffering from Parkinson’s about how they can learn to deal with the disease.

Leader of the support group in Mildura Cheryl Barnes says Here in Mildura there are over 50 support group members living with parkinsons.


In sport:

The demons are still hoping for the chance to get a run on the newly redeveloped City Oval before the season kicks off this weekend.

The council have said no to any traffic on oval no. 1 before the game.