Local News April 28th 2017

Bomb hoax boy busted.

Local News April 28th 2017

Serious allegations have been placed against a Mildura School boy after he was arrested over bomb hoaxes sent out to schools across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia last year.

It's alleged the young boy sent the threats via the various schools emailing systems stating there was a bomb due to go off in the school and staff and students were in danger.

The teen is up on 74 different charges and was bailed in court yesterday, something the court judge said would not have happened had he been a bit older.

It's alleged the accused had contact with students at some of the schools who would ask for help to get out of an exam. In one instance police allege he asked a student if they wanted a couple of days off.

The boy will be back in the Children’s Court in June.


Sunraysia Prostate Cancer patients are set to benefit from the Government’s implementation of a full time prostate cancer nurse here in Mildura.

Were one of 15 locations chosen across Australia by the Government to have a nurse stationed here to help provide constant care and support to patients and their families.

The $6m in funding will see improved access to specialists and services for regional patients, coordination of care from diagnosis onwards and the continuity of care for patients throughout the entire cancer journey.

In Australia, Prostate Cancer is the most common Cancer among men and more than 16,000 people will be diagnosed this year.


The Minister for Energy and Utilities, Don Harwin, alongside the National’s Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources, Rick Collies, launched the first ever fleet of electrical vehicles.

The 6 Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid Electric Vehicles are set to increase the number of low emission SUV’s used by our leaders, while ensuring the Government leads by example, working towards the goal of being carbon natural by 2050.

It comes as the Government is pushing for people in rural centres to participate in the clean energy revolution allowing drivers to travel longer distances with lower fuel emissions.


A 16 year old power lifter from Mildura has won an Australian title and broken a record at his first ever competition.

Matthew Judd smashed the previous record of 100 kilograms in his weight and age class to lift 115 kg’s after just three months of training.


Round 3 this weekend for our Sunraysia footballers and netballers.

Heading into the weekend, Irymple are sitting on top of the senior football ladder having won 2 from 2 so far during the 2017 season and they should be pretty safe tomorrow as they take on Wentworth at the George Gordon Oval in Dareton.

Mildura are going head to head with Red Cliffs at City Oval, Robinvale-Euston will play host to Imperials and Ouyen United will have their 2016 Premiers flag on display at their first home at Blackburn Park against Merbein.