Local News August 10th 2017

A CFA review, A field day and drones!

Local News August 10th 2017


Performance data for CFA stations across the state have been released - with fire services going under the microscope.

The data has been released ahead of an inquiry into the state's fire service reforms under the Andrew's Labour Government.

Mildura has done better than some with their service delivery standards percentage compliance for the brigade area is at 95%, 

Other stations across the State presented with figures at 22% and 28%.

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington has said the data presented shows the need for improvement.


Dried Fruit Australia will make their way to Red Cliffs to host a field day for producers around the region.

Growers will be able to learn the latest disease management strategies from plant pathology expert Peter Magery.

Growers are encouraged to come to the day and learn about powdery mildew and downy mildew on Coorlong Avenue, Red Cliffs this Monday.

Consult Field Officer Stuart Putland says there a plenty of ways to get involved.


TAFE NSW Coomealla now offers a drone essentials short course for residents and businesses across Sunraysia.

The institute has recognized drones are becoming a critical element of modern business; with locals given the chance to learn the skills to operate one safely and effectively.

The Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services NSW and Wentworth Shire Council are among the few that have already taken the course.


The diverse crisis support needs of people in regional Australia have been discussed at a Lifeline symposium.

The need to break down geographic barriers, as well as increasing training and suicide prevention responses dominated the talks.

Hope Assistance Local Tradies' Jeremy Forbes says volunteers on the end of the phone need the most up to date training, support and funding.


The A Grade sides are gearing up to hit the court for Sunraysia Football and Netball League's Round 17 games.

Imperials will be looking for a victory when they face off against South Mildura.

Merbein are ready to take on the Red Cliffs side, as Wentworth goes head to head with Ouyen United.

Robinvale Euston will hit the court for their game as Mildura.

Irymple will get in some extra training time, taking a bye for the weekend.

It's a fight for first going into the weekend - with South Mildura and Irymple both sitting on top of the A Grade ladder with 48 points.

Mildura and Merbein are battling it out in second place, both sides have 44 points going into this weekend's games.