Local News August 16th 2017

Broad backs Govt. procurement report.

Local News August 16th 2017

A report released by the joint selection committee on Government Procurement has been supported by Member for Mallee Andrew Broad.

The findings give recommendations on Australian Government spending including the appointment of an independent Industry Advocate to provide support for businesses to access Commonwealth contracts, and amending the rules to require all goods purchased by the Australian Government to comply with national standards.

Mr. Broad says that the Government should be favouring Australian businesses when they can.


Officials are reminding people organising events or festivals across the region of an opportunity to secure a $20,000 grant to help with the cost of marketing.

The Regional Flagship Events Program is aiming to draw more visitors to our community and as well as the one-off grants, there's also triennial funding available providing $27,500 dollars per year over three years.

Expressions of interest can be lodged before the September 1 cut-off date via the Destination NSW website.


Celebrating education and technology, it's National Science Week with events taking place right across the nation.

Engaging future generations, National Science Week provides opportunities for challenges and competitions, plus, demonstrations and experiments helping to stimulate the minds of our young people.

From 1:30pm today locals have the chance to learn about astronomy at the SRS Benetook Farm as the Southern Cross Outreach Observatory Project makes its way across North West Victoria.

Jackie Randall from the Inspiring Australia Program says that we can get involved and learn more about the scientists in our community.


24 junior sport stars across the Wimmera, Mallee and Mildura regions will receive assistance when competing at a state, national, or, international level.

The Australian Government's Local Sporting Champions Program is set to provide $500 dollars in grants for each person to assist in the cost of competing.

Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, says that the program is essential for junior sportsmen and women who can often find it difficult to meet the ongoing costs associated with participating in state, national or international sporting championships.