Local News March 16th 2017

Water Ministers in Mildura today.

Local News March 16th 2017

Water Ministers will arrive in Mildura today ahead of a meeting over our State’s biggest water issues.

It's expected the State and Federal ministers will discuss some of the Murray Darling Basin Plans most controversial aspects including South Australia’s push for 450gl of up-water, the Northern Basin recovery wind back and the decentralisation of the MDBA.

Yesterday the National Irrigators Council urged the Ministers to take socio-economic factors on board when discussing changes on Friday. They say that future action needs to be framed around achieving outcomes without a negative community impact.


There are fears that reckless behaviour at the Mildura Wharf could soon lead to a death.

Local media outlets report that local paddle steamer skipper, Scott Thorpe, thinks the outcome is inevitable as kids continue jump from the wharf into the path of approaching steamers.

Despite his attempts with both Police and local schools, the behaviour of the kids hasn't changed and he fears it just a matter of time before a tragedy occurs.

While those jumping from the wharf can incur a $500 fine, Mr Thorpe said that the children tore down the signs and continue to put themselves in danger.


Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, says that he's delighted with funding for aged care residents in the Wimmera Mallee.

More than $200,000 in funding with be received through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme aimed at helping keep our local elderly residents living at home and independently for longer.

The program will give support based on the resident’s needs from low intensity domestic work all the way up to temporary high intensity support and care services.

Its restorative approach aims to help delay, or, avoid altogether the need for our elderly community to move into nursing homes.


Small Business Minister, Michael McCormack, has spoken in Parliament supporting changes to the Farm Household Allowance payment after listening to the concerns of farmers across the electorate.

Mr McCormack says that the amendments, which are now progressing through Parliament, address issues around farm and non-farm assets currently preventing deserving farmers from accessing the hardship payments.

Locals are being encouraged to help the fight against Motor Neurone Disease by attending a Black Tie Gala Night to be held by the Cure for MND Foundation.


On Friday March 25 at Club Davinci, a red carpet will be rolled out, with a three course dinner on offer along with a silent auction, prizes and entertainment.

Tickets can be brought at the Mildura Information Visitor Centre.