Local News March 1st 2017

Broad leads electricity grid discussion.

Local News March 1st 2017

An Inquiry has been launched into modernising Australia's electricity grid among a series of recent blackouts due to extreme temperatures and rising electricity prices.

As the Chair of the House of Representatives standing committee on the Environment and Energy, Member for Mallee Andrew Broad, is leading the discussion in finding the best way to deliver secure power to Australia for the future.

The committee is using an online survey to gather information about how locals feel about the current system and their expectations for a modern grid.

Mr Broad says that the focus of the committee will be on the need to modernise the electricity transmission and distribution networks that are designed for a bygone era.


The Murray Darling Basin Authority could be a few steps closer to being relocated to the Sunraysia region after a ministerial council meeting in a few weeks.

Water ministers from South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria will meet in Mildura for the March 16 and 17th meeting with the relocation expected to be a hot topic.

It has been made clear by local members and councils that they would like to see the MDBA operating in a region that its decisions will directly affect with both Wentworth and Mildura named as potential locations.


New figures about the road toll on regional roads in New South Wales have been released prompting a safety message to all road users across the border.

In 2016, two thirds of lives lost on New South Wales roads were on country roads with men accounting for 70 per cent of the regional fatalities

Local drivers accounted for 41 per cent of fatal crashes on country roads also involved with 29 per cent other regional residents.

This Road Rules Awareness Week, Wentworth Shire motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists are urged to go over the regulations and slow down on our local roads.


Sunraysia residents with a disability will next year be able to join more than 61,000 Australians who are already on a National Disability Insurance Scheme approved plan.

The National Disability Insurance Agency has released its latest quarterly report showing the progress of the region-by-region rollout.

Our region is set to join the rollout in 2017 with Maryanne Diamond from the NDIA saying that the response has been positive.


We’re approaching the pointy end of the Mildura Basketball season with the Men’s Premier League playing Round 17 matches tonight.

Workers are currently in top spot and they will line-up against Irymple, the Hawks play the Wildcats and Alcheringa take on the Demons.