Local News March 28th 2017

Safety concerns in Cabarita.

Local News March 28th 2017

Locals are fearing for their safety in the Cabarita area after duck hunters took to Lake Hawthorn over the weekend firing off shots that rung our through the neighbourhood at 7am on Saturday morning.

Local media outlets report that the Chair of Community Group Cabarita, Kim Trigg, is not only concerned of major safety issues with the duck hunting so close to residents, but, the impact the hunting will have on the natural asset.

Getting over the initial shock of the gun shots she says they stand to lose native wildlife including water birds and shore birds, plus, they'll be damage to the wetlands.

It's expected the topic will be brought up at the next meeting and Ms Trigg says that locals will lobby against duck hunting at their lake.


Drivers will need to obey new parking restrictions when shopping at the big stores along 15th Street with a number of 30 minute restricted parks being identified.

The Mildura Rural City Council are set to enforce the new rules after local retailers couldn't solve a dispute that saw staff parking in the front of workplaces.

The new signs will be paid for and monitored by Ace Body Corporate Management and the council will receive any revenue from fines.

Under the agreement, they will have to issue permits to any visitors, staff or guests to use those parking spaces.


Agricultural leaders in the Mallee electorate are being encouraged to apply for grants under the Agricultural Industries Fund.

Leadership skills within the sector are set to be upgraded with individuals keen to get their voices heard through advocacy likely to secure funding.

Nationals Whip Damian Drum says that he has some locally run groups in mind that he imagines will be among the first to apply.


Mildura is on its way to seeing the hottest March on record with the heat not letting up since the peak of Summer.

Our average high this year is sitting at 33.6 degrees as compared to last year’s high of 31.9 degrees.

We are expected to see some relief from today onwards with temperatures remaining in the mid to high 20’s for the rest of the week.

The Lockstar Homes Mildura Men’s Heat felt the loss of Calvin Henry when they faced Collingwood at the Toyota Hothouse on Saturday night.

The star import stuck down by the flu was pulled from the list and the side struggled to adjust to the game without him.

Trailing by 2 points at quarter time they were hanging on, but, Collingwood went on to run away with an impressive 84 to 45 point victory.

The Azzco Engineering Mildura Lady Heat proved they've got what it takes completing a 71 to 41 point over the visiting Western Port Steelers.