Murray Darling Basin Authority reinforce commitment to the Basin Plan

New policy released.

Murray Darling Basin Authority reinforce commitment to the Basin Plan

The Murray Darling Basin Authority has just released an important document, renewing its commitment to strong compliance and enforcement of water rules under the Murray Darling Basin Plan with its Compliance and Enforcement Policy.


The policy clearly sets out how the MDBA intends to meet its responsibilities through until 2021, with Executive Director Russell James saying transparency and accountability are its cornerstones.


Executive Director Russell James says everyone needs to understand and know how to comply with their obligations as the first step towards compliance.


And in turn, the Authority will publicly report on its compliance activities and decisions to ensure full transparency.



Included in the policy is a commitment to work with state governments to identify and promote good practice, conduct audits on different aspects of Basin Plan Implementation, investigating cases of non-compliance as necessary, and reporting on the performance of different parties in meeting their obligations.


Mr James also says the Authority will listen to communities, encourage open access and sharing of information and work cooperatively with Basin governments.


Local water stakeholders can read the full policy on the MDBA website, or click the link below!