Officials are working to make today an injury free day!

It's National Kidsafe Day!

Officials are working to make today an injury free day!

Sunraysia residents are working to prevent childhood injuries as a part of National Kidsafe Day!


Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia is running the initiative; a non-for-profit charity that aims to prevent and reduce the incidence and severity of unintentional childhood injuries in Australia.


Officials are working to raise awareness for this year's message of preventing childhood injuries.

The day comes as it's revealed more Australian children aged 1 to 14 years die as a result of injury than from cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined.


As a part of this year's campaign, officials are stressing that preventing childhood injuries does not mean "wrapping children in cotton wool" but does involve supervision and creating safe environment.


Studies show 58 thousand children aged 0 - 14 years were hospitalized as a result of an injury in 2010-2011.


For more ways to stay safe this National Kidsafe Day, click the link below!