Sunraysia locals reminded to stay sun safe!

Cancer Council releases survey results!

Sunraysia locals reminded to stay sun safe!

The Cancer Council is reminding Sunraysia's residents to keep wearing sun protection despite the fact it's starting to get cooler.


The call comes off the back of their latest National Sun Protection Survey.


The results show 40% of people are confused about what actually causes sunburn, while only a tenth of Australians realize you will get burnt if the UV is 3 or above.



Officials say it's a concern that people are still citing reasons like sunlight, humidity and temperature as the causes of sunburn.


The group are now emphasizing that ultraviolet radiation is a major cause of skin cancer.


Heather Walker from the Cancer Council says even as the temperatures cool heading into the Easter break, it's important to keep wearing sun protection.


For more tips on sun safety, click the link below!