A Bloke Has Found $6K On A Train Bound To Sydney's West

That's a lot of moolah

A Bloke Has Found $6K On A Train Bound To Sydney's West Image: Seven News/Facebook

It could have been you or me, but a man has pretty much won Monday for his good Samaritan act on a Sydney train.

Adem Gashi told Seven News he was travelling from Liverpool to Fairfield on Monday morning when he saw an elderly woman promptly leave the carriage, accidentally leaving behind a bag containing $6K in cash.

"For an old woman, I was surprised," he said.

Finding a bank statement with the woman's address, Mr Gashi was able to return the cash in person, with a Seven News camera crew in toe to capture the special moment.

The recovery of the cash came to the incredible relief of the 72-year-old, who planned to use the money to pay for her late husband's tombstone.

"She was all over the shop, she was very distressed, she couldn't even talk properly," said the woman's son Gilbert Huynh.

"She was sweating, not in a good state."

You can watch the Seven News report below: