Blind Woman Harassed By Teens On Sydney Train

Horrible story.

Blind Woman Harassed By Teens On Sydney Train

Reports have emerged that a blind woman and her guide dog have been harassed by teenagers on a train.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a Parramatta woman with minimal vision had two encounters while travelling around Sydney with her guide dog.

The first is understood to have happened during a trip from Museum to Central. 

It is alleged that a man was heard saying "get the dog's tail" and the woman's backpack was poked as she stood on the train.

The woman responded “can someone please tell me what’s going on. I’m blind and I can feel someone touching my backpack. I think I could be being robbed”.

She then disembarked the train to change platforms for a Parramatta service.

“I went down the tunnel and up to the western line (platform). I must have beat them there because I was on the platform and heard them say behind me ‘I dare you to get the dog’s tail’.”

The woman took the opportunity to educate the children, telling them that they should have more respect for people with a disability.

The guide dog, Poppi, remained calm through the encounter, and the woman boarded a separate train to the aggressor.