Dash Cam Footage Captures Bloke Pulling Out Chainsaw In Western Sydney Road Rage Brawl

Police are now investigating

Dash Cam Footage Captures Bloke Pulling Out Chainsaw In Western Sydney Road Rage Brawl Dash Cam Owners Australia/ Facebook

Dash cam footage has captured the bizarre moment a chainsaw was pulled in a road rage incident in Sydney's west on Tuesday.

The brawl seems to come out of nowhere; a white Jeep, pulling out onto Horsley Drive in Fairfield, blocks traffic while attempting to cross two lanes of afternoon traffic.

Within seconds, the driver from two cars back jumps out and sprints to the white Jeep, leaning in through the window to punch the driver repeatedly.

The man behind the wheel then himself gets out, fighting back, before two more men in hi-vis shirts intervene to break up the scuffle.


And that's when things get even more confusing. While the driver of the white Jeep gets back into his vehicle and drives away, the other driver goes back to his car, pulls a chainsaw out and starts threatening bystanders.

In a second video obtained by 9News, he can be seen walking up and down the street, revving the chainsaw and screaming.

"Brother, put your f*cking phone down," he can be heard saying. "Ugh, stop recording man."

Comments on the original footage are already in their thousands, with viewers as perplexed as to what's going on as the rest of us.

"So much happening in this dash cam," one follower wrote. "Jeep trying to cross four lanes illegally, shirtless guy getting angry and having a go at him, high-vis guys getting out of their car (did shirtless guy stand on his horn?)

"Then high-vis guys holding down shirtless guy to rescue Jeep guy. Of course, Fairfield on a typical day."

Another added: "WTF is happening?"

NSW Police are investigating the incident.