Ex Hockeyroo Kathryn Hubble Convicted Over Charity Exploitation

Behaviour slammed as ‘deplorable’

Ex Hockeyroo Kathryn Hubble Convicted Over Charity Exploitation Image: Kathryn Hubble/Twitter

Ex Hockeyroo star Kathryn Hubble has been convicted and fined more than $2600 for lying about a cancer diagnosis to exploit a children’s charity for money.

Hubble’s lawyer Michael Bellingham told Sydney’s Downing Street court on Tuesday the 33-year-old maintains she had seen an oncologist, but was unable to produce medical records to corroborate sworn evidence.

Calling the behaviour “deplorable”, Magistrate Greg Grogin slapped Hubble with a $2,620 fine and two 12-month good behaviour bonds, after the athlete pleaded guilty.

"[There is] no medical evidence that Ms Hubble has been, is being or will be diagnosed with any medical illness," Mr Grogin said in sentencing.

"I don't know whether to treat Ms Hubble as a long-term liar or a person who deserves sympathy because she's suffering from cancer".

The behaviour in question occurred across several months at children’s cancer charity Redkite in 2017, where Hubble forged medical certificate to receive more than $1200 in sick leave.