Footage Has Surfaced Online Of Rats Running Through A Popular Sydney Food Court

Watch the video.

Footage Has Surfaced Online Of Rats Running Through A Popular Sydney Food Court

Today, footage is going viral of rats running through a popular Sydney food court.

The video was first posted on Reddit on Monday and it quickly created a lot of attention online.

The footage shows a number of rats running through the food court of the prestigious Galeries Victoria

According to reports, at least 30 rats were spotted in real life, compared to just the five caught on camera.

Reddit user CameronSmit93 did not reveal when the video was taken, but he did state that he had contacted the City of Sydney regarding the matter.

He wrote, It was quite bad - only captured a few on video, but there were probably at least 30 visibly running around in there.”

A City of Sydney spokesperson released a statement on the situation reading:

"Rats are an issue in every major city across the globe.

It is the responsibility of individual food businesses and shopping centres to take measures to eradicate vermin and prevent their entry into the food premises.

The City will make further inquiries into the footage of rats at the Galeries Victoria.

Unfortunately, rat activity can’t be completely eradicated and there will always be some public areas that require further baiting, particularly where food and waste are discarded by the public.

The management techniques used for the City’s rat control program are in line with industry best practice.

The City has a comprehensive pest control program that involves installing and monitoring bait stations in public places.

Additional stations are placed in response to community complaints. The City’s parks are cleaned and monitored daily, with all food waste removed and all rat holes backfilled.

The City is investigating new methods to track the rats to their burrows and nests, so that baiting and control measures can be more targeted.

1307 baits were laid across 36 city parks throughout May 2017. Baits are installed in solid plastic stations which prevent birds, possums and pets accessing them.

Winter is the most active time of year for rats feeding. Generally, rats will seek out food and water close to the nest or in familiar locations.

An unprecedented number of major demolition and construction works – including the Sydney Light Rail, Barangaroo, and developments on Martin Place and George Street – have been occurring throughout the CBD, stirring up rat populations and leading to increased rat movements.

The City advises property owners to remove overgrown vegetation and accumulated rubbish which might attract vermin, and ensure regular pest control is carried out.

In areas outside the City’s jurisdiction but in our local government area, such as railway stations, the City liaises with the relevant state agency to ensure complaints are addressed.

People can report issues to the City’s customer service team on (02) 9265 9333"