Heatwave Sparks Sydney Blackout Warning

Energy Demand To Peak In Arvo

Heatwave Sparks Sydney Blackout Warning

There's absolutely nothing pleasant about the heatwave starting to roll through Sydney with warnings of potential power blackouts this afternoon.

Energy use is expected to hit record levels thanks in part to an expected 50% spike in usage in Sydney's west alone.

The peak is expected this afternoon between 4.30pm to 6.30pm, so the State Government is asking everyone to turn up (yes up) the aircon to 26 degrees, adjust fridge temperatures, and turn off lights and appliances at the wall where possible.

"We've really got an unprecedented level of demand, in fact it is the highest demand on the electricity system ever today" Energy Minster Don Harwin said.

The State Opposition also calling on the Berejiklian Government to trial public buildings like Council Chambers, art galleries and libraries as "respite cooling centres" for the elderly and families.

"We know that heatwaves are going to become more common place in Sydney and New South Wales and I just think it's a sensible plan" Shadow Minister for Health Walt Secord said.

We're also being warned to lay off doing anything physical - especially sport, or gardening.

Lachlan Parker from the Ambos says it's also worth checking on friends and family. "The elderly and the young children are our main area of concern - but everyone, even fit young health adults can be a victim of heat related illness. The best thing you can do is to drink plenty of water and stay cool."

There's a warning from the Rural Fire Service to any idiots thinking about lighting a fire in today's heat. Inspector Ben Shepard says fire buys will be caught. "Anyone that's stupid lighting fires under these kind of these conditions, it's only a matter of time before we find you. We've never been better resourced, we work hand in hand with the police. If you undertake that kind of activity we will find you and ensure you're brought before the courts."

There are fears of catastrophic fire conditions on Sunday. We're being told conditions are simply going to get worse, with it forecast to be well over 40 in the west over the next three days and up to 47 further out.

"The catastrophic conditions is something that has not occurred in New South Wales since 2013," Police and Emergency Services Minister Troy Grant said.

He has also asked us to stay away from fire-prone areas such as national parks and forests, and avoid the heat by going to air-conditioned shopping centres and the movies.

While spare a thought for your furry friends today. The hot temps has today prompted an urgent warning from the RSPCA, as dogs continue to die from avoidable heat stress.

"It's apparent some people are just not getting the message that a parked car is no place for a dog. It can be lethal, as we see all too often" RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector David Oshannessy said.