Here Are The Best Ways To Avoid The M4 Tolls That Resumed Today Across Sydney's West

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M4 tolling has resumed following a seven-year absence, meaning motorists will be slugged a maximum of $4.56 each way from Parramatta to Homebush as of today.

If you’re not in a rush to get to work, there are alternative routes to the city to avoid the tolls… but it may take you a little longer.

The folks at Reddit have unveiled two 'untolled alternatives', especially for those living around Granville, Guildford and Merrylands.

Victoria Road - From the M4, exit at Cumberland Highway/A28 and turn left to head north on Cumberland Highway. At Old Windsor Road, turn right to head east on A40 - don't forget to exit onto Victoria Road after the 90 zone ends! Continue on A40/Victoria Road all the way into the city.

Parramatta Road - the classic toll dodge, this one is the most likely to be the most gridlocked so beware. Exit onto A44/Church Street and turn right onto Great Western Highway. Then, turn left onto A44/Parramatta Road. Continue all the way to the start of the M4.