HUGE Licensing Changes Which Affect All Young NSW Drivers

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HUGE Licensing Changes Which Affect All Young NSW Drivers

The NSW licensing system is set for a dramatic overhaul, with the announcement from the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey announcing changes to the provisional and learner system.

Chiefly, the main changes include:

  • Learner drivers will complete the Hazard Perception Test before they can sit a driving test;
  • P1 drivers no longer have to complete the Hazard Perception Test to progress to their P2 licence; and
  • The Driver Qualification Test has been dropped for P2 drivers. Instead, P2 drivers spend an extra six months on their green plates if they have received a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour.

These changes are apparently designed to improve the way young drivers are taught to be safe on the road.

"We know that the first six months of driving solo is the highest risk period for novice drivers so it's important we continue to look at the ways to improve licensing of young drivers to ensure they get the training and experience they need to be safe on our roads," Ms Pavey said.

"Young drivers continue to be over-represented in road crashes. P-platers make up eight per cent of all driver licence holders, yet their crashes account for 15 per cent of all fatalities on NSW roads."