More Peak Time Services Cancelled As Union Announces Plans To Strike

Plan accordingly

More Peak Time Services Cancelled As Union Announces Plans To Strike Bonnie Huang/ Twitter

While Sydney commuters weren't faced with quite as many delays this morning, there are a number of cancellations that will affect train users as they commute home this evening.

Sixteen services have been nixed between 4.30pm and 8pm on Monday January 15, most of them on the T2 line between Leppington and Circular Quay.

They are as follows:

T2 City Circle Line

16.35 Redfern to Circular Quay 

16.50 Central to Circular Quay 

17.02 Redfern to Circular Quay

17.20 Redfern to Circular Quay 

17.34 Redfern to Circular Quay 

17.47 Redfern to Circular Quay 

19.29 Redfern to Circular Quay

T2 Leppington Line

16.46 Circular Quay to Leppington

17.31 Circular Quay to Leppington

17.46 Circular Quay to Leppington

18.24 Leppington to Circular Quay

T3 Bankstown Line

16.58 Circular Quay to Liverpool

17.13 Circular Quay to Liverpool 


17.58 Circular Quay to Liverpool

19.44 Circular Quay to Liverpool

19.48 Circular Quay to Lidcombe


It comes as the Rail, Train and Bus Union announced plans for two forms of industrial strike, including an indefinite ban on overtime from 12.01am January 25 which is expected to cripple the rail network as it heads into the Australia Day long weekend.

"From Friday, workers will be wearing and displaying union and industrial materials, like badges and union-branded clothing and then from Thursday the 25th of Janury, there will be an indefinite ban on overtime work," RTBU NSW secretary Alex Classens said.

"We've seen in the past few days that excessive overtime is leaving workers across the network fatigued and exhausted.

"The ban on overtime is important in order to protect our workmates and commuters."

As always, commuters are advised to monitor delays and cancellations at Transport NSW or on Twitter.