More Sydney Train Services Will Be Cancelled This Afternoon

There's an issue of "staff availability"

More Sydney Train Services Will Be Cancelled This Afternoon Igor J/Twitter

Sydney commuters are facing into another afternoon of delays and cancellations as staffing issues and lightning strikes push rail services to breaking point.

Six of the city's eight rail lines are either reporting major delays or advising users that replacement buses are being rolled out across their route.


It's the second day of issues after Monday saw numerous services cancelled due to "higher than expected instances of drivers and guards off sick coinciding with those on leave during the holiday period."

Train users have taken to social media to vent their frustrations at the chaos, with one commuter claiming he was forced to wait for almost an hour for a service that usually runs every 10 minutes and another Tweeting that their journey home had taken three hours.


Transport for NSW are blaming "staff availability" and a series of early morning lightning strikes affecting equipment across the city for the delays, an explanation that has been slammed by a NSW Greens Transport spokeswoman.

"It is simply not credible for the Minister [NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance] to say workers taking sick leave is responsible for Sydney's trains going into meltdown this week," Dr Mehreen Faruqi said. 

"The timetable overhaul has simply taken away all contingencies in the system, meaning breakdowns and delays ricochet through the system."