New Sydney Night Clubs 'Bans' Anyone Under 40

'I'II just need to check your I.D'

New Sydney Night Clubs 'Bans' Anyone Under 40

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Just when you thought you were past the age of getting your ID checked...

There's a new club night in Sydney that is attempting to ‘ban’ anyone under the age of 40 from attending.

The new night, called '40up', is the brainchild of musician and DJ Steve Clisby, and will debut at The Basement in March as “a sizzling new ’70s, ’80s and ’90s dance party concept exclusively for over 40s”.

“The whole idea is that you can’t even get in unless you’re 40-plus,” Clisby says. “This is how you exercise your right to be over 40 and still party, without worrying about the millennials getting in the way.”

Clisby says 40up is “strictly reserved to guests aged 40+”. Anyone under 40 (but still over 18) “can only attend when accompanied by someone 40UP”

“There’s nothing quite like this in Australia that caters specifically for 40-somethings and baby boomers,” Clisby says. “It’s all about the original music, the dance era and the fun that surrounded that time, but given a fresh, contemporary feel. This makes being older cool.”