Nine People Have Been Arrested During Sydney Public Transport Sting

‘Police will not tolerate crime’

Police have warned that anti-social behaviour on public transport will not be tolerated, as nine people were arrested during a three-day blitz across the state’s train network.

Drug detection dogs, uniformed police and plain-clothed officers all took part in Operation PTC Explorer from last Thursday to Saturday, held on NSW’s public transport network between Sydney and the state’s west.

During the operation, nine people were arrested for a variety of offences including break and enter, shoplifting, and possessing prohibited drugs.

Commander of the Police Transport & Public Safety Command, Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb said police specifically targeted commuter safety, crime and anti-social behaviour across both metropolitan and rural public transport networks.

“Police will not tolerate crime, property damage, anti-social behaviour or drug and alcohol use on our public transport networks, and will be arresting or issuing penalty notices to anyone caught doing the wrong thing,” she said.

“Safety is our number one priority and we will continue to have both uniformed and plain-clothed police out in metropolitan and regional areas to ensure everyone is safe on the public transport network.

“We are not here to spoil anyone’s fun; however, we will not tolerate those who choose to do the wrong thing or try to ruin someone else’s journey.”

Operation PTC Explorer involved officers from the NSW Police Transport & Public Safety Command,  and Orange Police Area Command.

Trains were patrolled between Sydney and Orange, including local services from Sydney to Penrith and XPT services from Penrith to Orange.