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NSW Motorists Crack It Over "Selfish" Driver's Actions

Over the long weekend

NSW Motorists Crack It Over "Selfish" Driver's Actions Facebook

Residents in one NSW town have cracked it over the "selfish" actions of a driver visiting over the long weekend.

A photograph uploaded to Facebook shows a car abandoned right in the middle of Lighthouse Drive in Byron Bay, blocking access to the popular tourist route.

"Cars are vacant in the middle of the road... selfish people," the poster wrote.

But though one commenter revealed later in the thread that he had seen police ticketing the car - at an average fine cost of $110 - other locals said it wasn't an isolated incident.

"It happens all the time," one person said while a second added that it was the same story "most mornings" in Byron Bay.

"Most of the time it is cars with out-of-state plates and hire cars," he continued. "I know I see it on a daily basis. Regardless of where they are from it is irresponsible and selfish behaviour.

"Blocking all emergency access." reports that Byron Bay Council issued in excess of 1000 fines over the Christmas and New Year period for a range of offences including illegal parking and camping.