NSW Police Issue Origin Energy Bill Email Scam Alert

Don't get roped in by this one

NSW Police Issue Origin Energy Bill Email Scam Alert

Image: Pexels

NSW Police have issued a warning as a fake Origin Energy billing email has been doing the rounds online.

Officers took to social media today to urge people to exercise caution online, highlighting the dodgy web address listed while explaining the click through button was actually links to dangerous malware.

"Please be aware of scam emails asking customers to view their bill online. The ‘View bill’ link is malicious," they wrote.

"If you’ve received a scam email, please don't click the link, delete immediately."


Image: NSW Police

Among hundreds of Facebook comments, some confirmed they'd been targeted in the simple yet effective scam.

"I got this today but didn't open it as I had a phone call on Saturday from Origin and hung up after some personal info questions," wrote one.

Another said: "There are also a number of fake Telstra bills doing the rounds. They look real, but like this Origin bill, the email address at the top is very bogus. Be aware."