Parents Accused Of ‘Neglecting’ 20-Month-Old Child Plead Not Guilty

Sydney couple faced court today

Parents Accused Of ‘Neglecting’ 20-Month-Old Child Plead Not Guilty

A man and a woman accused of neglecting their 20-month-old daughter after putting her on a 'strict diet' have pleaded not guilty in court today.

The woman, 31, and her partner, 33, were arrested at a home in Sydney's eastern suburbs on Friday night.

This came after the girl was admitted to Sydney Children's Hospital after suffering a seizure on March 10.

The couple have pleaded guilty at Waverley Court today.

It is understood that the child suffered rickets, was below the expected height and weight for her age, and was malnourished.

Police arrested the couple after extensive inquiries, charging them with failing to provide for a child causing danger or serious injury and reckless grievous bodily harm.

It will be alleged by police that the child was fed a strict diet which was deficient in nutrients.

Both have been refused bail, with the matter being adjourned to May 30.