Police Warn Against The Illegal And Deadly ‘Rooftopping’ Craze

‘Action will be taken’

Police Warn Against The Illegal And Deadly ‘Rooftopping’ Craze Image: Pexels

Police have spoken out against the dangerous trend of “rooftopping”, after multiple reports of Sydney youths attempting to take part in the deadly activity.

In recent weeks, officers from Sydney City Police Area Command have been called to five incidents where young have been found allegedly attempting to access high-rise buildings.

Detective Chief Inspector John Maricic said the “risks associated with the activity are high.”

"We have spoken to more than 80 people in relation to roof topping incidents and cannot understand why people continue to put their lives in danger," he said in a statement on Facebook.

Echoing comments, Detective Chief Inspector Maricic has sent a strong warning the “illegal” behaviour will not be tolerated, noting several recent overseas accidents.

“International incidents have seen people die after slipping or falling from buildings," he said.

"Action will be taken against any person caught illegally accessing high-rise buildings in the CBD.”

Police are urging the public to stay safe and report any unusual activity in or around buildings.

Back in November, social media star Wu Yongning was attempting a risky rooftopping maneuver when he tragically plunged 62-storeys to his death in Changsha, a city in central China

According to police, the 26-year-old died from the fall, with his girlfriend contacting authorities on November 9 after he did not return home.