Rogue ‘Intruder’ Koala Sparks Sunderland Police ‘Arrest’

Police couldn't 'be-leaf' it

Rogue ‘Intruder’ Koala Sparks Sunderland Police ‘Arrest’ Image: NSW Police

While it was a home among the gum trees, Sutherland Police couldn’t quite “be-leaf” their ears when a call to a koala in the laundry of an Engadine home was broadcast on the police radio.

Around 11.25pm on Saturday, police from Sutherland Local Area Command stopped by a house in Awate Place at Engadine after the female called said she had a koala in her laundry.

The owner told police she wasn’t able to reach animal welfare services.

Police arrived a short time later and asked the furry intruder to explain itself.

After the fluffy guest mounted a case to melt the most hardened of gumshoes, police had one tactical option.

The officer, who is a current WIRES volunteer, escorted the adventurous marsupial from the laundry, into the backyard and watched it return to its eucalypt home.

No towels were harmed in the incident.