RSPCA Slam Sydney Woman Charged Over Animal Cruelty

Her distressed cat was put down by vets

RSPCA Slam Sydney Woman Charged Over Animal Cruelty

Image: RSPCA

The RSPCA NSW has slammed a western Sydney pet owner who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges, after letting her cat's "manky" claws become so ingrown and infected it had to be put down.

Kayla Spears was today fined $300 over the animal's suffering and also ordered to pay $1000 in compensation to the RSPCA in Campbelltown Local Court, AAP reports.

Following a complaint, inspectors found the cat at the 31-year-old's Campbelltown property in December, immediately taking it in for medical care when nobody was home.

Despite sedation, treatment, ongoing pain relief medication and intravenous antibiotics, the animal was put down four days later because its condition did not improve.

RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O'Shannessy said it was too cruel to keep the animal alive and it had suffered considerable pain and distress.

"Had this cat's owner provided basic care and veterinary treatment when its condition first deteriorated the outcome for this poor animal could have been a whole lot different," he said in a statement.

The emaciated cat also suffered from scabby skin lesions, hair loss and dehydration. Some of its paws were swollen to four times their usual size.

Ms Spears admitted she was aware of the cat's state, describing the claws as "manky", and thought the animal was skinny because it was active.