Rusty 'Prison Blade' Found In Christmas Bon-Bon

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Rusty 'Prison Blade' Found In Christmas Bon-Bon

A family from western Sydney was in for a real surprise on Christmas Day when two children at the table decided to crack open a bon-bon.

While normally containing festive novelty hats and small plastic toys, a child instead found a rusty blade wrapped in sticky tape.

The family from Northmead were alerted by their 11-year-old son of the finding, and have described it like "something from a prison".

"I was just shocked to think there was that in there, it's a dangerous weapon," the mother of the family said, reports

The packet of "Woodland 6-pack" bon-bons was purchased from Woolworths in Winston Hills.

A Woolworths spokesperson said that the company and its suppliersĀ "have a responsibility to provide high-quality products and services to our customers and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are investigating this incident as per our product safety incident protocol."