Sydney Man Pulled From Raging House Fire By Teenage Son

Burns to 50 per cent of his body

Sydney Man Pulled From Raging House Fire By Teenage Son 9News

A man in his 50s has been pulled from a burning home in Sydney's west by his teenage son, suffering burns to up to 50 per cent of his body.

Emergency services, including six fire engines, raced to the Chester Hill home about 6am on Thursday.

The man was pulled from the burning residence by the teen, who was also in the home with a young girl, a NSW Ambulance spokesman told AAP.

The man, believed to be 53, was "initially conscious and breathing" and has been rushed to Concord Hospital with serious burns to 40 to 50 per cent of his body - on his torso, arms, hands and upper legs, the spokesman said.

The two youngsters, reportedly his children, were not hurt in the blaze.

The man's son tried to use a garden hose to douse the flames on his father's body, according to the Seven Network.

Aerial footage shows the back of the single-storey brick home charred black with a caved-in roof.

Fire & Rescue NSW Inspector Brad Smith said firefighters arrived within five minutes from the first of multiple triple-zero calls and were confronted with an "advanced" blaze.

"At that stage, the gentleman was in various stages of unconsciousness. They had to pull him out of the building and hand him over to the ambulance," Insp Smith told reporters at the scene.