Sydney Punters Warned Against Bringing Mattresses On Trains

Maybe time for a removalist?

Sydney Punters Warned Against Bringing Mattresses On Trains Image: Sydney Trains/Facebook

You’d think it’d be a pretty obvious thing not to do, but nonetheless, Sydney punters are being warned against bringing mattresses and other oversized items on board the city’s trains.

Sydney Trains spokesman Howard Collins said bulky and bizarre items like futons, fridges and motorbikes not only caused interruptions to train network – but could also create a safety hazard.

“These big, bulky objects could be a serious risk to people,” he told Nine News.

“Carrying oversized things through our stations or trying to get them on the trains is a dangerous thing to do.”

While there’s currently no limits on what people can take onto a train, $400 fines do exist if commuters block doors or train equipment during their journey.


The warning comes as a Queensland man was fined $252 back in July for attempting to bring a fridge onto a train in Bowen Hills.

Hilarious DIY footage showed the man failing to complete his trip – before being picked up by security guards at the station.