This Is Not The News Sydney Drivers Wanted Today

Sydney's West cops it most.

This Is Not The News Sydney Drivers Wanted Today

It’s no secret that Sydney traffic is already a living nightmare, each day we are faced with the cost of petrol, peak-hour bumper to bumper that lasts all day and the tolls that stop us from being able to afford to eat.

Sadly, today we have been hit with some pretty crappy news.  

Within the next five years, Sydney will reach a new world record… we will have more tolls than anyone else in the world.

Not really the world record we wanted tbh.

New research has also revealed that some Sydney commuters pay a whopping $8000 each year just in road tolls…and well, over the next couple years we are just going to be getting more and more tolls. 

Overall, we can expect our road toll count to hit over 15... that is more road tolls than the UK has altogether.

Classic Sydney.

Road's Minister Melinda Pavey has defended the new tolls saying, “Fifty-nine per cent of motorists are in favour of new toll roads to make getting around Sydney easier. Without these projects, congestion on major corridors would be considerably worse."

While it might be easier for some commuters, sadly people living in the West will be hit the hardest. 

Drivers from the West are already paying over $124 each week just to get to work and with the WestConnex about to be open it will only set them back even more.

Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali has been vocal about the impact it will take on the west saying, "Once again, Western Sydney is facing the issue of tolls. The part of Sydney that is most poorly served by public transport is being penalised for having to take to the car to get to work."