Sydney Shivers Through Monday Morning

Hot tip, rug up!

Sydney Shivers Through Monday Morning

If you're struggling to throw the covers off this morning, don't just blame Monday, blame the weather!

Sydney we're shivering though one of our coldest morning so far this year. In parts of Western Sydney it's the coldest morning since September last year, with temps dipping to 2.1 degrees at Camden, 4.1 degrees in Campbelltown.

While spare a thought for those in the state's central west, it's freezing! Hitting minus 4.2 degrees at Orange Airport, minus 4 degrees at Bathurst.

"We're heading towards winter, so we will see more cold mornings like this, for Sydney for the rest of the week, things will warm up slightly, we've got some more cloud heading towards the city over the next few days which will keep the temps slightly warmer overnight" Tom Hoff from Weatherzone said.

So the hot tip today, rug up! Or even better if you can stay in bed!