How To Take Care Amid Sydney's Hazard Reduction Smoke Cloud

The haze is expected to 'continue'

How To Take Care Amid Sydney's Hazard Reduction Smoke Cloud Image: Sarah Louise Kinsella/Twitter

Sydneysiders have been urged to monitor their health as the smoke cloud across the city is expected to continue – the result of routine hazard reduction burning ahead by emergency services ahead of bushfire season.

Director of the Environment Health Branch at NSW Health Dr Ben Scalley told Triple M the air quality in Sydney would impact asthmatics the most – but could be managed with appropriate action.

“For those who have pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, it’s really important they follow their asthma action plans, have plenty of reliever medication handy and use it as required,” he said.

 “For otherwise healthy people, they may experience some symptoms to the eyes, throat and nose.

“We would expect people experiencing respiratory symptoms to be those who have previous symptoms such as asthma.”


Dr Scalley also encouraged people not experiencing any relief from their symptoms to seek further medical advice.

It comes as the NSW Rural Fire Service said the hazard reduction burning was an important reminder for people to update their bushfire survival plans.

“It should act as a timely reminder as we move closer to the bushfire season that we need to be doing as much as we can in order to protect our communities," said Inspector Ben Shepherd.

"But we can't also understate also what the community can also do to best help themselves, by ensuring they're well prepared for this fire season, which we may see in Sydney as little as four to six weeks away.”