Talk About A Dry July In Sydney

The Sunny Outlook Continues

Sydney has just experienced its driest July in 22 years, with only 13mm falling, well short of the monthly average of 97mm.

Brett Dutschke says the main reason for the dry-July was simply because the pressure was too high "the month was dominated by high-pressure systems rather that low pressure systems or cold-fronts, the cold-fronts that did come through were generally quite week and they only brought dry air, yeah it wasn't enough to make Sydney have a wet month at all"

The Weatherzone meteorologist also went on to say "that high pressure and lack of significant cold-fronts did mean we had a much warmer than normal July, days were about 3 degrees warmer than the long-term average - really significant and that was helped along by that record warm July day which happened on Sunday just gone"

Besides some rain forecast in a couple of days, the week generally looks sunny with tops of high teens today and tomorrow, that rain on Thursday then back to sunny breaks and high teens and low twenties on Friday and Saturday.