Teen In A Tinny Lands 3m Shark At Popular Sydney Swimming Spot

"I pretty much went white"

Teen In A Tinny Lands 3m Shark At Popular Sydney Swimming Spot Sunrise

A 16-year-old Sydneysider has landed a three-metre bull shark at a popular swimming spot just south of the city.

Kai George and two of his matesĀ battled for four hours to reel in the shark, which towed them more than four kilometres from where they originally hooked it at Lilli Pilli.

George, a first-year apprentice carpenter, headed out at 11.30pm on Easter Sunday determined to prove that bull sharks were lurking in the waters in the Hacking.

"People don't believe these beautiful creatures exist in Port Hacking, but I had a drive to catch one and prove them wrong," he said.

"I caught it in one of the most popular swimming spots, off Lilli Pilli.

"There is a little sand bar and a big drop-off and people take their boats there and swim in exactly where I caught this shark.

"We never intended to kill it. We released it, and watched it swim away.

"They are beautiful creatures and don't deserve to die like that."


George and his friends, Daniel Vergitos and Lachie Dick, devised a plan which involved tying two four-metre tinnies together, dropping a bait of big bull mullet and going to sleep.

"We woke to the sound of a screaming reel," George added.

While the self-professed "keen fisherman" battled the shark, Vergitos and Dick helped and recorded the epic encounter.

"It was a team effort, I couldn't have done it by myself," George explained. "When I finally got it up to the side of the boat, I pretty much went white.

"I didn't know what to do because the shark was pretty much as big as the boat.

"Eventually we were able to tow it back to the Lilli Pilli sand bar, where we took photos in knee deep water."