The Coolest, Bestest Valentine's Day Pressie Ideas For Blokes

No socks or jocks this year

The Coolest, Bestest Valentine's Day Pressie Ideas For Blokes Amazon

You know what's unfair? How much crap blokes cop when Valentine's Day rolls around. Not all of us forget, you know. 

But when's the last time you bought hubbie a decent V Day pressie? Treated him to something other than a three-pack of jocks from Big W?

Exactly. Here's what boyfriends, husbands, dads and grandads really deserve this year.

You can keep your socks.

Rally Driving Experience

We're talking him, a Turbo WRX Rally Car and a specially designed rally track that'll let him get sideways. This package is a two-for-one deal, too, so both of you can have a crack and see who's faster.

Available from RedBalloon, (who have a massive 50 per cent sale on right now) for $220.

Helicopter Flight Over Sydney

Think you've seen everything Sydney has to offer? Try it from the sky. You'll track over Coogee and Bondi before you reach Sydney Harbour, enjoying the views without any of those dawdling tourists for once.

Available from RedBalloon, $179.

Gigantic Beer Pool Float

There's no way you've managed to miss the fact that giant pool inflatables are now a *thing* with millennials but we're not interested in unicorns or flamingos. If he's gonna pan out on anything, it's gonna be a gigantic beer pool float.

Available from BoyzToys, $55.

V8 Race Car Driving

The perfect present for the bloke who reckons he could give The Stig a run for his money. With a professional feeding him all the tips and tricks you need, he'll finally experience what it's like to drive in Sydney without any traffic.

Available from RedBalloon, $229.

Beer Slushie Maker

What do you get the man who has everything? A frozen beer maker. While this one is made by Kirin, customer reviews insist it works on any beer. It basically turns your beer into cold foam to go on top of another beer so welcome to 2018, everyone.

Available from Amazon, $69.15.

LED Car Sign

A must for anyone who has to tackle Parramatta Road at any time of day, really. This remote-controlled sign sticks to his back window and will display whatever personalised message he programs it so say. The example below says "Bye" but we reckon he could get a little more creative.

Available from Amazon, $79.99.


Private Lesson With An Olympic Shooter

Look, this one's a little on the pricy side but a whole hour with an Olympic gold medallist? It's got to be worth it. He'll learn how to hit moving clay targets from the master, with an autographed clay target to take home.

Available exclusively from RedBalloon, $1000.

Arse/ Face Soap

We all know someone who doesn't know their arse from their face. Help a bloke out with labelled soap that tells him where to stick it.

Available from BoyzToys, $15.80.

Yard Glass With Stand

Straight to the pool room with this one. A 1.5 litre tall beer glass with a very helpful wooden stand to keep it all upright is pretty much guaranteed to turn a good night into a great one. It's like a grown-up version of a beer bong... right?

Available from BoyzToyz, $49.

Willy Care Kit

The product description probably says it better than we ever could: "He may spend hours gelling his hair and using his 'man-products', but how long does he really spend making sure his crown jewels are kept in mint condition?" It's a good question, actually. Happy Valentine's Day to you both.

Available from Amazon, $49.30.