The RMS Would Really Like You To Pay Your Toll Fares


The RMS Would Really Like You To Pay Your Toll Fares

Following reports that motorists are evading fares on NSW roads, the RMS has emphasised the necessity of paying to use toll roads.

A caller on Triple M's Merrickville said that he hasn't paid to use certain toll roads in ten years due to a loophole in the system which has saved him over $60,000.

According to the caller, some of the tolls are privately owned while others are taken by the government. In the circumstance where motorists do not pay for use of private tolls, he claimed there was little that could be done to reclaim owed money. Listen to the audio below.

"Motorists using tolled roads in NSW are legally required to pay a toll," an RMS spokeperson told Triple M.

"The majority of motorists do the right thing but penalties apply for people who travel on tolled roads in NSW without paying.

"Failure to arrange payment within three days would result in the start of the toll recovery process against the registered owner of the vehicle.

"If a debt is not paid Revenue NSW may issue an enforcement order and start proceedings to recover the debt.

"Motorists are encouraged to use an electronic tag or pass to pay their toll. Alternative routes are also available for motorists who prefer not to use a tolled road."