Virgin Australia Announce Pop-Up Check-In Service

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Virgin Australia Announce Pop-Up Check-In Service

Checking in at the airport is set to become a whole new experience, following the announcement from Virgin Australia this morning that a pop-up baggage drop service will be launched.

The service will allow guests to check in away from the airport, at locations such as cruise ports, conference venues and hotels.

The service will be run by Off Airport Check-In Solutions (OACIS) using cloud technology to connect with Virgin Australia's system.

"Over 1.5 million passengers are transported to and from Sydney by cruise ship in peak season and many of those who disembark at Sydney's cruise terminals then fly to another location," Group Executive Virgin Australia Airlines Rob Sharp said.

"This news service means tourists can check-in and drop their bags off once their cruise chip has docked, and then can enjoy the freedom to explore the city, bag free, before taking off to their next destination.

"In addition, this service will help ease airport congestion as these passengers will now be checked in nearby and ready to go for their flight."

The secure and convenient transport of luggage to the airport has been assured, with a reduction in waiting times at the airport also predicted.