You Can Now Use Your Credit Card Instead Of An Opal Card

Valid on certain modes of transport

You Can Now Use Your Credit Card Instead Of An Opal Card

Commuters today will be able to use their credit cards on some modes of public transport.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance announced the change today, with customers able to charge a single fare trip on all of Sydney's ferries and the inner west light rail network.

The Opal system is set to be maintained, however the expansion is expected to be a great help to tourists.

Smart phones, smart watches and tablets are also able to be used.

“We see about 80 per cent of the people in the retail sector use credit cards and debit cards tapping and going, transport’s no different,” he said.

“We want to lead the way globally. We are not replacing the Opal system.

“This enables people to purchase the equivalent of a single Opal fare, it won’t replace the benefits in terms of those that exist and are attached to the Opal card.

“With the Opal card you can get the weekly benefits with the eight trips and the rest of the week at 50 per cent, and the transfer discount attached to the Opal card.

“It’s designed to be convenient for tourists and those who might have left their Opal card at home. He said he was hoping to get the expansion of the contactless system — which works with Mastercard, Visa and American Express — by the end of the year.

“There’s a lot of work happening behind the scenes.”

Use of a contactless payment will incur an adult Opal single trip ticket fare based on the distance travelled.