Fires Burn Across The Region With Hot and Windy Weather

CFA & RFS attending multiple burns

Fires Burn Across The Region With Hot and Windy Weather Image:

Warm and windy weather has kept fire crews busy across the region, with several fires being attended to throughout the day.

Earlier this morning, crews managed to bring a fire at Felltimber Creek Road, West Wodonga under control; a fire believed to be deliberately lit, as reported by The Border Mail.  Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Meantime, residents of Thoona and Taminick were issued an emergency warning, a situation which has now been downgraded to 'Watch & Act' level as firefighters have been able to stop the spread of the fire.

A 'Watch & Act' hasd also been issued for a grass fire burning at Yarrawonga Rd, Boomanoomana, approximately 6km north-west of Mulwala.  Aircraft were being sent to help quell the blaze.

A grass fire at Gerogery has also been issued 'Watch and Act' status, a fire the RFS report may impact visibility on the Hume Freeway.

The Fire Service is also calling on land-owners who've conducted planned burns in the past weeks to check the fires have been properly extinguished.

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