Little Border Legend On Stage With Pete Murray

Rocked it!

Little Border Legend On Stage With Pete Murray

The Border was treated to the soulful sounds of Pete Murray on Sunday night, as he brought his 'Camacho' album tour to town. It may have been a chilly winter's night on The Border, but as the warm and soothing tones of Pete Murray's voice filled the Beer Deluxe beer garden, the cold was kept at bay.

It's been six years since we've heard new music from Pete Murray, and he's clearly enjoying playing it; interspersing his set with quips about his latest album being a sure-fire baby-making soundtrack, while adding in a few of his older hits to satiate long-term fans.

The sound was crisp, mixed beautifully, and the harmonies between Pete and his band spot on.

Perhaps though, the biggest winner of the night was 14-year old Border-local Bailey, who Pete invited onstage to take over guitar duties for 'Opportunity'.

Triple M's Pip managed to track him down after he jumped off stage to have a chat: