SMS Scam Hits The Border

Be careful of fake SMS Msgs

SMS Scam Hits The Border

SMS SCAM ALERT! WhatsApp users are being targeted by a fake SMS, urging you to ‘renew your subscription to continue using WhatsApp’. The link in the SMS takes you to a fake payment form offering different options to extend your WhatsApp purchase.

This is a phishing scam that uses the popular WhatsApp service as the hook to steal your credit card information. WhatsApp announced in 2016 that it no longer charges a subscription fee.

If you receive a suspicious SMS, you can report it to the ACMA by forwarding the message to 0429 999 888.

If you’ve clicked on the link and submitted your credit card details, we recommend you immediately contact your financial institution to seek their advice.

For advice about the steps you can take to protect your identity online, visit Stay Smart