ANNOUNCED: These Locals Will Be In 'We Will Rock You'

Congrats to all who auditioned!

ANNOUNCED: These Locals Will Be In 'We Will Rock You' Facebook Townsville Choral Society

Following the huge success of 'Wicked' Townsville Choral Society are back at it with another production in the works.

This time locals will rock us on stage with 'We Will Rock You'. 

The auditions took place over the weekend, with oraganisers seeing over 80 auditions, and now the cast has been revealed! 

Do you know someone involved?

Sean Thomas
Judy Higgins-Olsen
Luke Reynolds
Stephanie Durden
Morgan Eldridge
Cameron Veigel
Max Lenoy
Adrian D'Amico
Alasdair MacEachern
Alexandra MacDonald
Alysha Purdey
Amberley Robinson
Amelia Doolan
Andrew Keane
Anne McClure
Annie Neville
Ashley Wickens
Bradley Quantrill
Brett Northeast
Brittany Vella
Brooke Maxey
Callysta Morris
Cheryl Elliott
Chiara Spargo
Cody Roth
Colin Livesey
Daniel Kelso
Hannah Royle
Jason McMillan
Josie Power
Julie Wilson
Kelly Morris
Kiara Clay
Kiri Kayrooz
Laura Hodder
Logan Jacobs
Madison Woodfield
Mark Whittaker
Matilda Duncan
Megan Cavanough
Melissa Land
Michelle Higgins
Nathan Toll
Nick Spargo
Paula Mandl
Rachel Ahern
Rebecca Larsen
Robert Garland
Sam Carter
Sam Stewart
Sam Taylor
Samantha Kennedy
Sandra Neal
Sarah Binder
Sarah Mathiesen
Sarah Valinotti
Shannon Doyle
Steph Rigano
Stephanie Sloman
Tegan Le Lay
Tiffany Hamilton
Tiffany Hone
Tina Seiferling
Zac Chalkley
Zia Macey


Keep an eye on the Townsville Choral Society Facebook page for ticketing info.